Aleene's® Quick Dry Wood Fusion

When you need a wood glue that’s as tough as nails, trust Aleene’s Quick-Dry Wood Fusion to hold your projects together! Great for surfaces that require heavy-duty adhesion, this ultra fast-setting adhesive is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and resists both heat and solvents for a permanent, mega muscle bond. Its thick formula applies and dries clear and won’t drip when applied, making it great for vertical projects. Quick-Dry Wood Fusion permanently bonds wood to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, ceramics, leather, rubber and paper.
  • Maximum-strength formula – significantly stronger than the competition
  • Applies and dries clear
  • Fast drying
  • Thick formulation won’t drip; ideal for vertical surfaces
  • Permanently bonds wood to a variety of surfaces: plastic, ceramics, leather, rubber and more
  • Anti-clog cap
  • Soft and hard woods
  • Furniture
  • Frames
  • Outdoor wood projects

Test before use. Use in a well-ventilated area. Avoid skin contact.

  1. Clean, dry and roughen surfaces to be bonded.
  2. Apply Quick Dry Wood Fusion to one surface. Use tip to spread adhesive.
  3. Press surfaces together for several seconds until bonded.
  4. Let dry completely.