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Beading always looks so awesome on t-shirts and sweaters but who wants to spend all that time beading? Or pay for someone else to do it! Aleene’s Jewel-it glue is probably my favorite DIY trick, I always have a bottle handy. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not exaggerating, I really love this stuff! You can quickly and easily add beads, stones, and even metal backed stones onto most any type of fabric (even fuzzy sweaters). Keep reading to make your own!


When it comes to jewelry I say go big or go home! Ok, not really, but I do LOVE big, bold, colorful, sparkling jewelry, especially when it’s fun to make and doesn’t cost a fortune! Creating a stunning Jeweled Cuff is easier than you think and Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue ensures that it will hold together with professional results. 


Do you have a boring lampshade in need of an easy makeover? This high impact DIY could not be faster or easier! The key ingredient is Fast Grab Tacky Glue and the results will leave your room feeling newly refreshed and all kinds of whimsical. Let’s the started!

Christmas is filled with a menagerie of nostalgic sights, sounds, and smells…but don’t forget about a few key words to spell out the spirit of the season. Joy, for example, has just three letters but means so much more. Using a few key materials, you can spell out your joy in sparkles  (literally) for all the world to see! Let’s get started!

I have two little boys with strong emotions so we've been using sensory bottles for years to help them get a handle on how to calm themselves when they feel out of control. Turns out they work great for children and adults alike! I thought it would be fun to make different themed bottles for each of the seasons, beginning with this Winter Sensory Bottle.

Fact: Every room needs a bit of sparkle. So why not glitz up an old pillow for a touch of sequins that will make your entire room shine? It takes just a few minutes and one key ingredient. Let's get going!

Bottle caps are more than just drink toppers; colorful, fun and versatile, you can do so many crafty things with them! Turn a simple round mirror into a creativity-quenching wall piece for your studio or bar area with a variety of bottle caps and Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive.

What you need:

Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive

- Round mirror

- Bottle caps

Make sure mirror is clean and free of any debris or dust. If you want, first lay the bottle caps around the mirror to get an idea of how everything will fit together. Otherwise, just go for it and start glueing the bottle caps in place! For best results, allow the glue to set up for 2 minutes before pressing the caps onto the mirror.

Repeat the process until all bottle caps are glued in place. Let the mirror dry flat for 24 hours before hanging.

Time to sit back and enjoy your handiwork! 


Summer is the time of year when so much seems to be happening ... weddings, family reunions, backyard barbeques and more! Most of us find ourselves outside during these rendezvous, so we came up with the perfect project to keep your evenings aglow after the sun goes down. Covered in burlap and lace, these mason jar luminaries will create an ambiance of sweet sentiments whether you're at a wedding or relaxing in your backyard. 


After you've cleaned and dried the canning jars, cut a strip of burlap to fit around each. Once you are happy with the fit, add a thin strip of Ultimate Adhesive to the edge of burlap, let set 2 minutes and press in place.

Cut lace to fit around jars, then add a thin line of adhesive to backside and allow to set for 2 minutes before wrapping in place around jars.

Repeat glueing additional layers of lace and fabric, finishing with buttons and other embellisments as desired. Let dry 24 hours before using.

Light up your night with beautiful lacy luminaries! 


Whether you live at the coast or just dream about it, you can surround yourself with decor that takes your imagination to the surf and sand every time you look at it. Turn a simple basket into a beachy keen clock with sea glass and a little help from Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive!


 After you've installed the clock kit, arrange sea glass, seashells and charms around the clock face to align them with where the hands will point to the correct times.

Glue everything in place. Allow to dry flat for 24 hours before mounting clock.

Time to kick up your feet and daydream about the beach!


I don't have tons of jewelry and it's really easy to understand why... I am constantly losing my bracelets and necklaces and earrings so that I just can't seem to accumulate a nice collection. In the past I've made all sorts of jewelry boxes for myself but I often forget to use them. It seems that if  I have something hung on the wall near my side of the bed, that is not only functional, but also decorative, perhaps I'll be better at keeping up with my baubles!


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