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From everyday use to grocery shopping, tote bags are the perfect accessory to “tote” along on your adventures. But finding one that fits your personality isn’t always easy, which is why we say, why not make your own? Simple fabric accents go a long way in adding a decorative touch to a tote bag, and with Aleene’s® Permanent Fabric Glue, you can design one in permanent, washable style. Mikyla Creates will help get you inspired with the cutest, easiest DIY tote bags – with no sewing needed!

Have you discovered – and tried – the faux clay trend yet? What we love most about it is that you can upcycle old vases and bowls you already have into chic-looking “pottery” without the expense of actual pottery. Mikyla Creates will show you how to easily make your own faux clay vases using baking soda, acrylic paint, and Aleene’s Matte Spray Acrylic Sealer. It’s so simple and affordable to give your space a style upgrade with some new statement pieces!

Sweeten your summer accessories with a cute donut tote that’s easy to make and easy on the eyes! Craft Box Girls will show you how to add a delectable touch to a simple tote bag using felt, paint and Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion. That’s right, no sewing needed to DIY an accessory that looks good enough to eat!

Do you have some jeans or pants that are a bit too long and need a hem? You don’t have to be a master at sewing – nor do you have to track one down – to get it done. This life hack comes from Mark LaFerney at Slumbering Alligator, who will show you how to hem pants using Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. (But it’s not just as a quick, temporary fix: this glue dries clear and holds permanently!) 

Here at Aleene’s, we think that everything is better after adding your own personal touch! That’s why we’re all about photo transfer projects; you can add favorite images to decorative or functional items for a creative way to make them truly special to you. Not sure how this technique works? Mikyla Creates will show you how to photo transfer onto canvas journals using Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue and sealed with our Premium Decoupage. 

Painted rocks have been a popular craft for kids the past few years, but we happen to think they’re great for grownups too! Depending on the size and shape of the rocks you find or purchase, you can use them as coasters, pretty accents in your home, or even garden decorations! Color Made Happy will give you some fun inspiration for painting rocks with bright colors and doodle designs, sealed to perfection with Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer. (You’ll want to keep your rock creations from fading and chipping, whether you have them on your coffee table or in your garden!)

Rings belong on your fingers, not your table! The solution for annoying water rings is as clear as our NEW Aleene’s Clear Casting & Coating Epoxy Resin Kit. In this tutorial, Craft Box Girls will show you how to make clear pressed flower coasters that are as pretty as they are functional. Follow the easy steps, then toast to your good taste, and your crafty problem solving!


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