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Bottle caps are more than just drink toppers; colorful, fun and versatile, you can do so many crafty things with them! Turn a simple round mirror into a creativity-quenching wall piece for your studio or bar area with a variety of bottle caps and Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive.

What you need:

Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive

- Round mirror

- Bottle caps

Make sure mirror is clean and free of any debris or dust. If you want, first lay the bottle caps around the mirror to get an idea of how everything will fit together. Otherwise, just go for it and start glueing the bottle caps in place! For best results, allow the glue to set up for 2 minutes before pressing the caps onto the mirror.

Repeat the process until all bottle caps are glued in place. Let the mirror dry flat for 24 hours before hanging.

Time to sit back and enjoy your handiwork! 


Summer is the time of year when so much seems to be happening ... weddings, family reunions, backyard barbeques and more! Most of us find ourselves outside during these rendezvous, so we came up with the perfect project to keep your evenings aglow after the sun goes down. Covered in burlap and lace, these mason jar luminaries will create an ambiance of sweet sentiments whether you're at a wedding or relaxing in your backyard. 


After you've cleaned and dried the canning jars, cut a strip of burlap to fit around each. Once you are happy with the fit, add a thin strip of Ultimate Adhesive to the edge of burlap, let set 2 minutes and press in place.

Cut lace to fit around jars, then add a thin line of adhesive to backside and allow to set for 2 minutes before wrapping in place around jars.

Repeat glueing additional layers of lace and fabric, finishing with buttons and other embellisments as desired. Let dry 24 hours before using.

Light up your night with beautiful lacy luminaries! 


Whether you live at the coast or just dream about it, you can surround yourself with decor that takes your imagination to the surf and sand every time you look at it. Turn a simple basket into a beachy keen clock with sea glass and a little help from Aleene's® The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive!


 After you've installed the clock kit, arrange sea glass, seashells and charms around the clock face to align them with where the hands will point to the correct times.

Glue everything in place. Allow to dry flat for 24 hours before mounting clock.

Time to kick up your feet and daydream about the beach!


I don't have tons of jewelry and it's really easy to understand why... I am constantly losing my bracelets and necklaces and earrings so that I just can't seem to accumulate a nice collection. In the past I've made all sorts of jewelry boxes for myself but I often forget to use them. It seems that if  I have something hung on the wall near my side of the bed, that is not only functional, but also decorative, perhaps I'll be better at keeping up with my baubles!

Homemade Christmas ornaments are always an excellent gift, but when you take the time to personalize them by using the recipient's initial, the gift becomes that much more special. These monogram ornaments are made up in Christmasy glitz and sparkles, but also featuring colors that could easily hang on a doorknob or a package any time of year. 
I used aqua and silver with touches of gold and white because I was thinking about the movie Frozen when I made them (the recipients will appreciate the thought), but these would look great in just about any color under the rainbow. Let's make some!



Wood or Cardboard initials (purchase or make your own)
1. Use a paint brush to cover the letter. 
2. Place sequins along the top and sides of the letter.
3. Cover with glitter, pour off excess.
4. Add a ribbon hanger to the back with a dab of glue. Dry overnight.
The magic happens when the glitter settles in the crevasses between the sequins. Extra sparkle factor here!
One of my favorite ways to use these ornaments is to tie them on another package. Rest assured, they'll know who it's for!



Looking for an easy-yet-impressive, fun, fast, kid-friendly craft you can make in bulk? One that is perfect for a party or classroom? One that looks good on a Christmas tree or just grouped together as a wintertime centerpiece? 
Look no further, my friend. Glittered pompom pinecones are the answer!


Want to make some at home? 
Yeah, you do!


Tacky Glue (I like the Turbo Tacky Glue because it dries 50% faster, but original Tacky Glue will work great too)
Foam applicator or small flat-sided sponge
Use the edge of your sponge to apply glue the edges of the pinecone, then sprinkle with glitter. You may want to do this inside a cardboard tray, or a piece of paper that can be used to funnel the excess glitter back in the bottle. 
After the glitter is on, use the precision tip of the Tacky Glue bottle to add a small dot of glue just inside the tips, then poke  the pompoms inside (most pinecones will hold the pompom just fine until it dries). 
Stand back and admire your work. Ooolala!
If you are using these on an artificial Christmas tree, you don't need to add a hanger -- one of those wired branches will fit nicely between the ridges of the pinecone and hold on just great. Easy on - easy off. If you want to add hangers, I suggest a brightly colored thread or clear fishing line. 
Is your tree more monotone this year? Don't worry about pompoms. Glittered pinecones look great all on their own.
Merry Christmas!



Add a little glitz and drama to your table centerpiece or décor with these pretty gold and purple sequined bottles!  Making them is so easy and they'll be a talked about accent at your next party or event! And all you need to make them are minimal supplies!

What you need:

– Clear Gel Tacky Glue (Click here to see our Always Ready Version!)
– Wine bottles, clean and spray painted with your fave gold spray paint
Gold and purple sequins

Tilt the bottle at a 45 degree angle and apply the clear gel glue. Apply an even coat of glue (you will do this in sections).

Sprinkle the sequins over top, spreading them out with your finger for even coverage. Once you have covered the entire section, lay the bottle flat with the sequins and glue face up for 5 to 10 minutes to let the glue set up. Once the glue is dry enough, move onto the next section!

So pretty and easy and you make several for just few bucks! I'm all about a cheap yet chic DIY!


A colorful tray is the solution to nine out of ten decorating ailments. Need color? Add a tray. Need pattern? Add a tray. Need a place to collect the mess? Add a tray. The tray is the decorator's cure-all and their demand is never ending, which might explain why they tend to cost a pretty penny. But have no fear - you can make your own at home using a few simple ingredients!

Accessories and jewelry for this fall have a lot of geometric influences, this Geo Multi Finger Ring DIY is a fun and simple way to create a cool artistic statement without breaking the bank. Mix up stones, beads, whatever you have to make a truly unique piece of wearable art.

2 ring blanks - (one must have an adjustable band)
Beads, stones or other 
Clay (optional)
step 1
Use your pliers to open the band on ring that will be upside down.
As you bend any pieces around make sure your fold them smooth and flat.
step 2
Glue your 2 ring blanks together at their sides, with the open one facing up and closed one facing down.

Aleene's Jewelry and Metal glue is really awesome for holding metal and stones together. It dries really quickly and holds well.

Just make sure you use it in a well ventilated area and don't get it on your skin. It's really hard to get off and it dries quickly. Ask me how I know. LOL

Let your glue dry.
You can use a small piece of clay to stand your rings in while they dry.
step 3
Glue your stones and beads to your ring.
Where you’ve opened your ring it will give the illusion of the stones floating between your fingers. Pretty cool!
Let your glue dry for a few hours or overnight before wearing.
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Pumpkin carving is fun, but messy. And temporary. And let's face it - carved pumpkins aren't sparkly! This easy alternative will be the twinkle in your eye all autumn long. The simple dash pattern is easy for anyone, even the littlest monsters who are new to Halloween celebrations. 


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