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As a shape, hexagons are one of the best, in my humble opinion. With six spectacular little sides I'll always love stars but hexies can translate into anything including pumpkins!  And since fall is right around the corner it's time to start thinking all things Autumnal and pumpkin spice. As such I added a little pumpkin spice decor to my living room and I'm really happy with the big, bold look!

Now the initial goal was to use reclaimed wood but I couldn't find any in my area because I couldn't find anyone to purchase pallet wood from and there was certainly nobody willing to give it to me like back in Oklahoma. I decided to make my own rustic looking wood using inexpensive cedar dog eared pickets I spied at the front door of the lumber store. In the end I was able to make 4 really pretty dang big, "pallet" pumpkins out of 4 pickets that ran me $2.15 apiece plus one piece of 1"x2"x8" of cedar lumber that was $3.12. That's less than $12 for some pretty large fall decor, which I'm happy with, but that can be even cheaper if you can actually find inexpensive pallet wood to DIY with.

I've always loved rulers and yardsticks, though I'm not quite sure why. Back in the day, my dad and I even made a vintage yardstick covered table desk that is still in use in their house to this day.

These days I've got a lot more tool experience under my belt and now I'm making wood things all on my own. And with the holidays quickly approaching and a house full of Christmas-less decor walls and tabletops I'm setting out to DIY as much holiday cheer as I can! Why not toss my love for all wood things that can measure, too?

We all knew that Aleene’s was amazing. But who knew it could be even more amazing?! These five bloggers created projects that knock DIY out of the park. Seriously, these are jaw-dropping good projects that are all just glued together. Get ready to make your home look AMAZING! All images are courtesy of the generous designers and bloggers linked below.

Give rustic a gorgeous edge with this pretty DIY Gold Branch Candle Holder project. This gorgeous holiday decor piece is a classic glue project and Aleene's The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive is the perfect match.

During the summer, I love hosting get togethers on the rooftop of my apartment. One of things I enjoy most about hanging out on the rooftop is being able to stargaze while socializing with friends. To create the perfect mood lighting that doesn't distract from the stars, I DIYed these super cool string lights inspired by my summer nights spent by the campfire. Let me show you how easy it is to make this rustic lighting to illuminate your outdoor space.

I always love testing and playing with what my craft products and pushing to see what they can do. I was excited to find out you can actually make a hardened dough tinted with crayons for ornaments, beads, and more using Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, crayons, and some cornstarch!   This dough is perfect for making fun and durable shapes to sculpt into decorative designs or even make as initial gift tags for packages. It's just as much fun to play with as an adult as it is for a kid! 

Have you tried button art before?! If not, you need to!  It's super fun, super easy, and the possibilities are endless.  This apple is a super fun idea for back-to-school and a great way to greet that new teacher, or make yourself classroom art. You'll have a blast making it!

I've always been a sucker for interesting lighting. I love pieces that are conversation starters, are so unique that I often get asked where it came from and lighting that throws an interesting glow around it when lit up. These mason jar glittering lights are great for several reasons. They are solar powered so they can light up every night without needing to flip a switch. This makes them great for the outdoors. But bring them in next to your bedside table and you'll have a lovely glow with the most gorgeous colors splayed out across your nightstand. These are, by far, my most favorite mason jar craft of all time!


Since moving to Texas I've been dealt an awful lot of Texan pride. I was born here but I moved to Oklahoma when I was young so I only saw said Texas pride from a distance. Perhaps I should capitalize that... Texas Pride :) So when I was trying to figure out what I wanted my new pallet sign to say when I snagged some awesome reclaimed wood, it seemed only natural that I'd embrace that Texas spirit and plonk it right on down next to my front door. No matter what you want your pallet wood art to say, this is a super easy project that any skill level can execute well!


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