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Like a lot of the other materials we talk about here on, metal is one that’s super common. All of us likely have metal somewhere in our homes, whether it’s furniture, tools, jewelry or even craft supplies. So, of course, we’re going to talk about how to glue metal; it’s an important topic! Whether you’re making something new or repairing something treasured, read on for tips on how to glue metal, and the Aleene’s glues you can trust for your metal projects.

If you’ve ever broken your favorite mug, you’re going to want to pay attention to this post. (We’ve pretty much all been in this situation.) How to glue ceramics back together is a common question, and need, especially when we’re trying to save our favorite things! So if you’re wondering how to glue ceramics to other ceramic items, or other materials, we have answers, and we also have the glues to make it happen. Whether you’re crafting, making your own décor or repairing your favorite ceramic items, keep reading to discover the perfect glues for your project.

If you like your Halloween full of bats, boogeymen and boos, these spooky ghost crafts will make you hauntingly happy! Afraid they’re too difficult to DIY? It’s wickedly easy to get ghoulish with Aleene’s Fabric Stiffening Glues and cheesecloth. Read on to get inspired to make your Halloween a total scream this year.

Searching for the perfect glue for glass? What if we told you that you actually have lots of options? That’s right! Whatever your glass project needs, Aleene’s has a glue for it. Check out these tips on how to glue glass to different common materials using the right kind of Aleene’s glue for your project. For DIY crafts, décor and everyday household needs, we’ve got answers on how to glue glass … and of course, the glues you need!

Plastic is a common material used to make many of the items we use or craft with every single day. But sometimes it can be tricky to know what kinds of glues work best when gluing plastic. So if you’re wondering how to glue plastic to other materials, you’ve come to the right place. It’s easy with Aleene’s! Check out these tips on how to glue plastic using different Aleene’s glues for different kinds of items. For crafting, décor, and everyday needs, we’ve got answers … and glues! 

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for an easy costume for women, Annie Papi has you covered! This Toy Story® Barbie® inspired costume is so simple to make with just a few items and Aleene’s Fabric Fusion in your craft stash. Once you finish this quick costume, you’ll have enough time left to turn the rest of your fam into other characters from the cast! 

Sure, every now and then we’re into a super scary costume, but sometimes we just want to be cute for Halloween! This last-minute costume DIY from Mikyla Creates puts a sweet twist on a traditional cat ears costume by incorporating flowers into the look. You can make your cat ears in the morning and have them ready to wear in the evening with a little help from Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. Read on for the tutorial!


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