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Add a little glitz and drama to your table centerpiece or décor with these pretty gold and purple sequined bottles!  Making them is so easy and they'll be a talked about accent at your next party or event! And all you need to make them are minimal supplies!

What you need:

– Clear Gel Tacky Glue (Click here to see our Always Ready Version!)
– Wine bottles, clean and spray painted with your fave gold spray paint
Gold and purple sequins

Tilt the bottle at a 45 degree angle and apply the clear gel glue. Apply an even coat of glue (you will do this in sections).

Sprinkle the sequins over top, spreading them out with your finger for even coverage. Once you have covered the entire section, lay the bottle flat with the sequins and glue face up for 5 to 10 minutes to let the glue set up. Once the glue is dry enough, move onto the next section!

So pretty and easy and you make several for just few bucks! I'm all about a cheap yet chic DIY!


A colorful tray is the solution to nine out of ten decorating ailments. Need color? Add a tray. Need pattern? Add a tray. Need a place to collect the mess? Add a tray. The tray is the decorator's cure-all and their demand is never ending, which might explain why they tend to cost a pretty penny. But have no fear - you can make your own at home using a few simple ingredients!

Accessories and jewelry for this fall have a lot of geometric influences, this Geo Multi Finger Ring DIY is a fun and simple way to create a cool artistic statement without breaking the bank. Mix up stones, beads, whatever you have to make a truly unique piece of wearable art.

2 ring blanks - (one must have an adjustable band)
Beads, stones or other 
Clay (optional)
step 1
Use your pliers to open the band on ring that will be upside down.
As you bend any pieces around make sure your fold them smooth and flat.
step 2
Glue your 2 ring blanks together at their sides, with the open one facing up and closed one facing down.

Aleene's Jewelry and Metal glue is really awesome for holding metal and stones together. It dries really quickly and holds well.

Just make sure you use it in a well ventilated area and don't get it on your skin. It's really hard to get off and it dries quickly. Ask me how I know. LOL

Let your glue dry.
You can use a small piece of clay to stand your rings in while they dry.
step 3
Glue your stones and beads to your ring.
Where you’ve opened your ring it will give the illusion of the stones floating between your fingers. Pretty cool!
Let your glue dry for a few hours or overnight before wearing.
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Head over to our TIE DYE YOUR SUMMER site for even more inspiration, how-to's, and fun videos to get you mega-inspired for some DIY summer fun!


Pumpkin carving is fun, but messy. And temporary. And let's face it - carved pumpkins aren't sparkly! This easy alternative will be the twinkle in your eye all autumn long. The simple dash pattern is easy for anyone, even the littlest monsters who are new to Halloween celebrations. 

Are you decorating Easter eggs this year?  Step out from the tradition of dyeing your eggs and try these sweet wrapped creations!  There's even a little pom pom on top to up the cute factor! 

What you need:
Aleene's Tacky Double-Stick Sheets (available at Michaels)
– Plastic Easter eggs
– Variegated embroidery floss
– Scissors
– Mini pom poms (make them yourself or purchase from the store)
 Cut your Tacky 2-Sided Adhesive Sheet in half.
Now peel back one side of the paper.
 Wrap the sticky part around one half of your egg.
Make sure to get all that sticky goodness over the entire surface!
 Unravel your floss and position two threads as shown.  Having the ends in this position will keep it from unraveling, plus you can neatly hide them for a nice craftsmanship!
 Continue winding the floss around the egg. As you can see, I pulled two strands at a time to give it more of an interesting stripe effect.
Continue until you reach the top of the egg. Cut your floss and press into place.
Now do the other side using the same process. When you are finished, they will lock together like this.
 Add a Jewelry and Metal Adhesive Tab to the top of the egg. Peel off the red tab at top.
Now add your pom pom for a finishing touch. Easy peasy!
They turned out so cute and colorful.  I think I might just have to display these after Easter!


Create a cool honeycomb design on a cuff using hex nuts with this hardware store inspired Hex Nut Cuff DIY tutorial. Turn up the chic factor even more by adding Tulip glam-it-up crystals to the centers of some of the hex nuts. 


Hex nuts (I used size #10-32)
Metal cuff
step 1
If your cuff is a little large or needs adjusting make sure you do this before adding your hex nuts.
For a metal cuff you can do this by squeezing the cuff to fit your wrist or pulling it open a bit.
Once all the hex nuts are glued to your cuff it will be difficult to adjust it.
step 2
I added my hex nuts in a bit of a random pattern to my cuff, the design is up to you. 
Aleene’s Super Gel comes with a little brush to apply the glue (this is really handy), brush the glue directly onto your cuff.
I recommend adding only enough glue for one hex nut at a time.
The glue will dry very quickly.
Continue adding hex nuts until you have the design you want.
step 3
After you’ve added all your hex nuts you can add some crystals.
Brush the glue on to the center of the hex nut where you want to add your crystal and place the crystal into the center of the hex nut.
I added a few random crystals to my hex nuts.
For more DIY bracelet ideas check out my bracelet page at Trinkets in Bloom.


Dyeing eggs is always a fun Easter craft, but why not cut the mess and create colorful, long-lasting eggs with three simple materials?



These could not be easier to make. And what a great way to use up those extra yarn bits from your craft stash!

Tools and Materials
plastic Easter eggs
Aleens Tacky Glue
yarn (multi-color ombre yarn will create fun stripes)

Spiral glue around the top of the egg covering roughly half the surface area. Tacky glue is the critical element in this craft -- hot glue will melt the plastic and eventually pop off, and regular white glue won't hold the glue in place long enough to let it dry. Tacky Glue is super thick -- the perfect medium for this project. 
With your fingers, create a small spiral of glue at one end of the egg. Make sure it's right in the center or the next steps may come out a little wonky.

Continue spiraling around and around. This may seem odd at first but it will go quickly after you get the hang of it. And don't worry about extra glue coming through the seams, it's easy to dab away big blobs with a wet sponge at the end, and any other residue will dry clear. 
Well, would you look at that. That's it! 
But, who says Easter is all about pastels?
For a fun twist, try alternating yarn halfway through. You can make all sorts of color combinations.

Wouldn't you love to meet the hen who laid these eggs? Now that is one funky chicken.

Feel free to check out more Easter crafts on my blog.

Happy crafting!
-- Aunt Peaches




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