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Christmas is just around the corner and this cute Popsicle Stick Ornament could be a sweet  little DIY gift the kids could make for grandma and grandpa.

I absolutely love those inexpensive blank tote bags but I'll be the first to admit that sewing fabric onto them is virtually impossible, especially if you're trying to work with detail images or words. That's when Fabric Fusion saves the day! It's strong and flexible hold makes adding the word "Shine" to this DIY Applique Tote super easy and fun.

I love crafting with dowels because they are so darn inexpensive. The base of this wreath is one you can easily customize to your personal tastes or for an upcoming holiday. With succulents being just as hot as geometric designs in the DIY world it seemed a good idea to put the two together for one fabulous all seasons wreath!

Organizing with glitter is the best way to start off the new year. All you need to whip your desk into shape is Aleene's Tacky Glue and your favorite glitter. Chunky or multi-colored glitter looks great on these projects!

Looking to add a festive touch to a special occasion? Bring on the glittered stemware! Most thrift and dollar stores carry inexpensive wine glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes - pair with Tacky Glue and your favorite glitter for unforgettable entertaining accessories your guests will be sure to love! 



Paper crafting doesn't get much better than this - - these dimensional stars are made from just sheets of paper and Tacky Glue!  Super simple to construction and unlimited design colors, you'll be seeing stars over and over for this project.

If I don't have some place to put something the very moment I walk in the front door, I'm going to lose it. The number of hours I've spent searching for my purse, or keys, or sunglasses might very well astound you. It didn't take long for me to figure out I needed an organizer of sorts and I purchased a set of drawers and a coat rack that have served me well through the years. 

But now that Rob and I are sharing a home it isn't working out quite as well and since our new space can be a bit awkward we're rocking the drawers and coat rack on different walls so things are spread out. I decided to take ready cut boards from the hardware store to make a new wall organizer that would meet our specific needs. We now have an area just for our mail (which seems to get lost constantly), two sets of keys, a little shelf for our sunglasses and hooks for our jackets, my purse and our dog leashes. In the end, I'm happier with this decorative yet functional bit of wall decor than I ever would have imagined!

As a shape, hexagons are one of the best, in my humble opinion. With six spectacular little sides I'll always love stars but hexies can translate into anything including pumpkins!  And since fall is right around the corner it's time to start thinking all things Autumnal and pumpkin spice. As such I added a little pumpkin spice decor to my living room and I'm really happy with the big, bold look!

Now the initial goal was to use reclaimed wood but I couldn't find any in my area because I couldn't find anyone to purchase pallet wood from and there was certainly nobody willing to give it to me like back in Oklahoma. I decided to make my own rustic looking wood using inexpensive cedar dog eared pickets I spied at the front door of the lumber store. In the end I was able to make 4 really pretty dang big, "pallet" pumpkins out of 4 pickets that ran me $2.15 apiece plus one piece of 1"x2"x8" of cedar lumber that was $3.12. That's less than $12 for some pretty large fall decor, which I'm happy with, but that can be even cheaper if you can actually find inexpensive pallet wood to DIY with.

I've always loved rulers and yardsticks, though I'm not quite sure why. Back in the day, my dad and I even made a vintage yardstick covered table desk that is still in use in their house to this day.

These days I've got a lot more tool experience under my belt and now I'm making wood things all on my own. And with the holidays quickly approaching and a house full of Christmas-less decor walls and tabletops I'm setting out to DIY as much holiday cheer as I can! Why not toss my love for all wood things that can measure, too?


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