Cleanup, Care & Conservation Tips

How long will my glue last once the bottle/tube has been opened?

All Aleene’s glue are treated with a biocide to prevent bacteria growth. If you keep the glue bottle capped tightly, your glue should last a long time.

What should I do if my bottle of glue freezes?

If your glue freezes, simply allow it to thaw out and it will work just fine. Aleene’s glues are tested and pass several freeze/thaw tests.

Will glue turn yellow over time?

No. Aleene’s glues are formulated to dry clear and will not turn yellow over time. We also make glues that are developed for use outdoors and are UV-resistant, such as Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive.

Are any Aleene’s glue products dry cleanable?

No, Aleene’s glue products are not dry cleanable. Chemicals used in most dry cleaning processes will weaken or dissolve most glues and destroy the bond.

How do I unclog a glue bottle tip?

  1. Remove the tip from the bottle.
  2. Rinse or soak the tip in warm water.
  3. Poke a skewer/T-pin through the tip to clear away the dried glue. Note: if you simply poke a pin through the tip without removing it first, you’ll push the clog down into the glue bottle and it will eventually make its way back to the tip again.

How do I store projects made with glue?

Storing projects made with glue depends on the project. Since most liquid glues dry without tackiness, they can be stored on top of or next to other items without issue. If you are unsure, you can store glued items in standard packing materials.