Glue Types & Products

What is PVA Glue?

PVA Glue stands for polyvinyl acetate glue and refers to the type of resin used in the glue. PVA glue is commonly known as white glue or school glue, and is water based, odorless, nontoxic and does not break down or yellow over time. PVA glue remains flexible when dry and does not affect the PH balance of papers, photos and other items it’s used on.

How can I determine the best type of glue to use for my project?

The type of glue you’ll need for each project depends on the surfaces you are working with, which is why the Aleene’s team created an intuitive glue guide. We recommend consulting the Aleene’s Glue Guide every time you want to find the perfect glue for your project. Using the glue guide is easy: simply select the materials you plan to glue together and you’ll get the glue solution that’s best. For example, if you plan on gluing a wood decoration to a wood box, select “wood” to “wood.” The bond strength of each Aleene’s glue is developed to work best on different substrates. Gluing on foam requires a more flexible bond; gluing non-porous surfaces like glass or hard plastic requires a different kind of glue formula. You can always refer to the instructions on the glue label for recommended substrates.

Is glue toxic?

Each glue is made from different raw materials, some toxic and some not. By law, all products that contain toxic materials are required to print a caution message on all labels. To be sure if a glue is toxic, read the entire label.

Is Aleene’s Tacky Glue nontoxic?

Yes, Aleene’s Tacky Glue is nontoxic and safe for use the classroom, as well as in the home. Make sure to check the label of any glue before using, as all products containing toxic materials are required to print a caution message on all labels.

What is the difference between Tacky Glues and fabric glues?

Fabric glues are made with acrylic as a main ingredient instead of resin, like Tacky Glues. An acrylic-based glue is more water-resistant than a PVA glue and holds up better through washings, remaining flexible. PVA glues – like Tacky Glues – are commonly known as white glues and are water based, using resin as a main ingredient.

Why is Original Tacky Glue thicker than other white craft glues?

Aleene’s uses a specially formulated resin in the Original Tacky Glue formula that gives it a high initial “tack” (grabbing power) and bonding strength. Original Tacky Glue’s thick formula helps it grab and hold items on contact. Other craft glues tend to use more “filler” materials and less adhesive materials, causing the glues to be less effective.

What is school glue?

School glue is a white glue that's nontoxic, kid friendly and safe for use in the classroom. School glue is often a white glue – also called a PVA Glue or polyvinyl acetate glue - and is nontoxic, odorless and does not affect the PH balance of papers.

What is craft glue?

Craft glue is a glue containing a formula that’s made for adhering more general surfaces like kids' crafts (paper and lightweight materials), hobby projects (non-washable fabrics, lightweight woods, etc.) and basic household repairs, instead of heavy duty projects requiring industrial-strength glues (metal, glass, plastics, etc.).

I need a water-resistant glue: what should I use?

Glues that are solvent-based (as opposed to water based) are going to be your best bet. Industrial strength/maximum strength glues that are formulated to be weatherproof are good options. Aleene’s Super Gel Adhesive is an ultra-strong adhesive that’s water and UV resistant, making it a great choice when looking for a water-resistant glue. Aleene's 7800 Adhesive is another good waterproof glue option.

Does Aleene’s make any waterproof sealants?

Yes, Aleene's makes waterproof sealants. Check out Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealers in matte or gloss finishes.

Tell me more about Collage Pauge... What can I use it for? How do I use it?

Collage Pauge in Matte and Gloss Finishes can be used with the following materials:

Paper, cardstock, cardboard, tissue paper

Wood, terra cotta, canvas, glass, plaster, Styrofoam®

Foam sheets, embellishments such as ribbons, glitter, iridescent mica powders, fabric 

Projects commonly used with the Collage Pauge:

Paper-Mache, greeting cards, gift wrap, scrapbooking, stamps, posters, etc.


This glue can be used as either a decoupage type of product or as a sealer.  Apply the Collage Pauge with a paintbrush or a sponge or a foam dauber onto the substrate surface.  Then apply the glued items (tissue paper, embellishments, paper cutouts, etc.) onto the surface while the Collage Pauge is still wet.  Smooth out the glue items with your finger until all air voids are pushed out.  At this stage, you may allow the Collage Pauge to dry completely or alternatively apply another coat over the top as a sealer.  Clean-up any excess product with a damp cloth.  Allow the product to fully dry for about 24-72 hours before handling.  

Additional Information:

This product has UV resistance and also moisture resistance so product will withstand some outdoor conditions without turning yellow and/or falling apart. 

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