How can I determine the best type of glue to use for my project?

The type of glue you’ll need for each project depends on the surfaces you are working with, which is why the Aleene’s team created an intuitive glue guide. We recommend consulting the Aleene’s Glue Guide every time you want to find the perfect glue for your project. Using the glue guide is easy: simply select the materials you plan to glue together and you’ll get the glue solution that’s best. For example, if you plan on gluing a wood decoration to a wood box, select “wood” to “wood.” The bond strength of each Aleene’s glue is developed to work best on different substrates. Gluing on foam requires a more flexible bond; gluing non-porous surfaces like glass or hard plastic requires a different kind of glue formula. You can always refer to the instructions on the glue label for recommended substrates.