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10 Upcycled Decor Projects for $10 Each

You're on a budget but you're feeling the burn of wanting to revamp your space without blowing your bank account. We totally understand. But what if we told you that you can totally do it for $10?! Okay not your entire space, but creating one impactful statement piece for a budget of just $10. We're totally serious! Check out this roundup of 10 home decor pieces you can make with Aleene's Glues and everyday items you most likely have around the house, yard or craft stash; and those items you don't have are super affordable to buy. 

What you need:

Aleene's Glues

- Household items

Decorative Chair Bows

Aleene's Decorative Chair Bows

Dressing up your dining table doesn't have to require an elaborate centerpiece or expensive linens; make a statement with oversized bows tied around your chairs in an understated fabric like burlap. The result is simple but so chic. Make sure your bows keep their form for full impact with Aleene's Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid.

Paper Leaves Wreath

Aleene's Paper Leaves Wreath

Have some old books lying around that you never plan on reading again? Turn them into a decorative Paper Leaves Wreath! If you love all of your books, just head to the thrift store and snag a few! Then grab a bottle of Aleene's Original Tacky Glue and a foam wreath base (or you could even make one out of cardboard) and you have yourself a rustic wreath that looks fab displayed during any season.

Gold Branch Candle Holders

Gold Branch Candle Holders

For this project you can literally go outside and gather sticks from your yard (FREE!) and cut them into about even sections to fit around glass votives you probably already have or can get at the thrift store or your favorite discount store. Glue in place with The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive then give these Branch Candle Holders a luxe touch with gold spray paint for a rustic glow in your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces.

Twine Lanterns

Aleene's Twine Lanterns

Head out into the garage and find that old inflatable beach ball from last summer for this project. (Or you could even use large round balloons!) Then check out this tutorial to see how you can use Aleene's Wood Glue with your ball and a spool of twine to make these Twine Lanterns that will look stunning indoors or even hanging from a covered outdoor patio. 

Driftwood Succulent Planter

Aleene's Driftwood Succulent Planter

Are you one of those people who likes to collect interesting pieces of wood at the beach, lake or even while hiking in the mountains? (Or hey, even your backyard or your neighbor's!) Turn it into a fun little planter with faux succulents for year-round greenery in your favorite spaces. All you need is some glue power from The Ultimate to get this project going.

Geometric Succulent Wreath

Aleene's Geometric Succulent Wreath

And since we're on a succulent kick, this Geometric Succulent Wreath is made from thin wooden dowels crisscrossed into a cool angular wreath. Who would ever think of using dowels to make such an interesting piece of wall art?! But they totally work and look so modern and chic! Grab some string and Aleene's Wood Fusion for this simple statement wreath.

Recycled Wood Candle Holders

Aleene's Recycled Wood Candle Holders

Anyone who's done a remodel knows there's bound to be leftover scrap material like wood spindles. Even if you haven't done a remodel recently, wood scrap pieces are so easy to come by and make for super interesting candle holders when stacked together. Tap into the power of Wood Fusion and make your own interesting set of candle holders with pieces of scrap wood.

Floral Embellished Mirror

Aleene's Floral Embellished Mirror

Give your hanging mirror an instant upgrade with a few faux floral accents and The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive! They'll stay blooming year round and will add some extra cheer for anyone who stops by for a glance.  

Patriotic Cork Flag

Aleene's Patriotic Cork Flag

Now you have an extra reason to throw parties and pop bottles! Or maybe you're like some of us at the Aleene's office and already save your corks for making fun crafts. This Patriotic Cork Flag is great for 4th of July festivities or keeping on display year round to show your spirit. You can buy some little star accents or make your own and put it all together with Original Tacky Glue

Succulent Book Planter

Aleene's Succulent Book Planter

Aaaannnnnd one more succulent project for good measure! Of course, this can be adapted to your own favorite faux greenery! Turn an old hardcover book into a cute display with a pop of color using Original Tacky Glue