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Button Art Apple

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Picture of Button Art Apple

Have you tried button art before?! If not, you need to!  It's super fun, super easy, and the possibilities are endless.  This apple is a super fun idea for back-to-school and a great way to greet that new teacher, or make yourself classroom art. You'll have a blast making it!

What you need:

Tacky Glue

Cardstock and pencil

Buttons in project colors (I used red, green, and brown)

Beads in colors that coordinate with buttons

Picture of Button Art Apple

Draw a light outline of the shape you'd like to create with your button art. Work in sections by adding a generous amount of tacky glue and then placing buttons onto the glue.

Picture of Button Art Apple

Keeping working in sections to fill the shape. 

Picture of Button Art Apple

Once you have filled one layer of your shape, begin a second layer of buttons.  This will help fill in your shape and give it more of a solid color. You can also use the beads in the small areas to fill in and give added shape and dimension. As you work around, be sure to try to cover up your pencil lines.

Picture of Button Art Apple

Repeat those steps for each color-blocked section of your shape.  Here I filled in the red apple, then the green leaf, then the brown stem.  

Picture of Button Art Apple

You can see how the second layer really adds to the project.  I only used a single layer on the stem.

Picture of Button Art Apple

To display, I used a frame with the glass removed.  Optional personalization: add a teacher's name to the mat of the frame!

Picture of Button Art Apple

Display on a school desk and enjoy!

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Published Date

July 12, 2016