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DIY Christmas Presents: Glitter Tumbler and Tray

Here at Aleene’s, we’re all about handmade projects. And gifts are no exception! Handmade is heartmade, after all, and what better way to show you care than with DIY Christmas presents this year? Looking for ideas? This sparkling glitter tumbler and tray from Craft Box Girls makes a great gift set for any of the foodie or baking fans in your life! Whip up these glittery creations with Aleene’s Glues and the following tutorial, and get ready to take the title of best gift giver from Santa this year!

What you need:

Tray Supplies:

Aleene’s Stick & Restick Adhesive

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

- Galvanized metal tray or sign 

- Adhesive-backed holiday stencils

- Fine glitter – Christmas colors

- Trims – pompom, sequins, or desired kinds

- Plastic cup and craft stick

- Paintbrush

- Water

Tumbler Supplies:

Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over

- Tumbler

- Fine glitter in desired Christmas colors 

- Spray paint/primer in desired color

- Tumbler spinner

- Epoxy

- Craft sticks

- Plastic cups

- Gloves

- Fine-bristle paintbrush

- Mask (when working with epoxy)

- Adhesive vinyl decal of desired phrase/design

- Masking tape

Step 1:

Christmas tray supplies

For this DIY Christmas presents post we’re featuring a metal tray, but you could easily modify this craft for a sign if you’d rather make that.

Step 2:

Press stencils in place

Place your adhesive-backed stencils on your tray where ever you would like your designs to be. Press and smooth around all edges for a firm hold.

Step 3:

Brush glue & water mixture over stencils

In a plastic cup, mix equal parts of Stick & Restick and water using a craft stick. Brush this mixture over the stencil openings.

Step 4:

Apply glitter over stencil

Sprinkle your desired glitter colors over the glue mixture and stencils. You can use one color or multiple colors like Craft Box Girls. Use your finger to gently press the glitter in place over the stencil openings.

Step 5:

Glue ribbons and trims around border

Remove the stencil and shake off excess glitter. Then cut ribbons and trims to fit around the border of the tray. Glue in place using Original Tacky Glue.

Step 6:

Glue on additional ribbons and let dry

Cut additional strands of ribbon and glue in place on the tray to enhance your DIY Christmas present. Glue a loop of ribbon to the backside as a hanger if you intend for the tray to be hung on display. Let everything dry completely. 

Step 7:

Spray paint tumbler

For the glitter tumbler, we’ll be using the Tack-It Method to help hold all of that glittery goodness in place! Make sure your tumbler is clean and free from dust and prints, then tape the inside to protect from spray paint. Working in a well-ventilated area, spray paint your tumbler then let it dry completely.

Step 8:

Brush glue mixture onto tumbler

Once your tumbler is dry, mix a 1:1 ratio of Tack-It Over & Over and water in a plastic cup. Place the tumbler on a tumbler spinner and brush a coat of the Tack-It/water mixture onto the tumbler. Let it dry so it forms a tacky texture.

Step 9:

Press and smooth glitter over tumbler

Turn the tumbler spinner on and sprinkle glitter evenly over the tumbler. You can choose one color or multiple colors like Craft Box Girls. Use your fingers to press and smooth the glitter into the tacky surface on the tumbler. This is the magic of the Tack-It Method!

Step 10:

Pour epoxy over tumbler

Mix your epoxy according to instructions, wearing a mask and gloves for extra caution. Once your epoxy is ready, turn on your tumbler spinner so it spins slowly, then pour and spread the epoxy over the tumbler. You can use your gloved fingers to help smooth the epoxy, covering the entire tumbler and the bottom of the tumbler. If you notice any bubbles forming, you can glide a heat source like a heat gun over it to help smooth the bubbles in the epoxy. Let the tumbler spin for 8 to 12 hours while the epoxy cures.

Step 11:

Apply decal and epoxy once more

If you’ll be adding a decal to this DIY Christmas present, wait until the first coat of epoxy has cured. Then apply the vinyl decal where you’d like on the tumbler, and apply one final coat of epoxy. Let the tumbler spin until the epoxy has completely cured.

Step 12:

DIY Christmas presents – glitter tumbler and tray

These DIY Christmas presents will shine with holiday spirit and bring lots of smiles to the special people on your gift list. You can pair them with baked goods, cocoa and other treats for the ultimate DIY Christmas present. And next year, you might just find yourself rocking around the Christmas tree, snacking on some yummy treats served up from this sparkling handmade set you gifted!