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DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

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Picture of DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

We all love when we find clothes, blankets, mugs, welcome mats, etc., with our favorite words on them! It’s just another way of expressing ourselves. But sometimes we aren’t always lucky enough to find the things we want, like throw pillows for example. That’s when we get to create them! Not only is super fun and easy, but our pillows come out exactly how we want them to.  So grab a pillow and let’s get started.

What you need:

-Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

- 2 Blank unstuffed pillows

-Gold Oly fun Fabric

-Circle punch




Picture of DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

First thing you want to do is take the oly fun fabric and circle punch and create circles for a polka dot pillow. Take the Fabric Fusion and glue all of the circles onto the pillow.

Picture of DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

Take the pencil and paper and write the desired word you want for your pillow. Here we used the word “dream,” a definite favorite!

Picture of DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

Once you’ve written your word, place the paper over the oly fun fabric. Grab the scissors and cut around the word. Now you have your word cut out in the oly fun fabric. 

Picture of DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

Take the fabric fusion and glue it to the other pillow. 

Picture of DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

Now that your pillows are decorated how you want, it’s time to stuff them.

Your pillows are ready to be shown off on your couch or bed! Everyone is sure to ask where you got them and you’ll have to answer that they are one of a kind!

Picture of DIY "Dream" Pillow Set

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