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DIY Fall Mason Jars

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Picture of DIY Fall Mason Jars

The leaves are changing colors, which can only mean one thing, it’s FALL! With a new season comes new décor, and what better way to change up the scenery than with a fun DIY project like this one. The perfect fall colors paired with a Mason jar and Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Spray, will have everyone FALLing in love with this festive piece.

What you need:

             Aleene’s®Fast Grab Tacky Spray

             Mason jars

             Desired acrylic paint colors

             Desired fabrics for wrapping jars and letters


             Pinking shears (optional)

             Decorative twine for decoration


Now that you’ve grabbed your supplies, let’s get started.

Picture of DIY Fall Mason Jars

1.            Use desired paint colors to paint inside of jars. Allow to dry.

2.            Use pinking shears or scissors to cut a fabric strip to wrap around each jar.

3.            Spray Fast Grab Tacky Spray on back of fabric strip and wrap a strip around each jar. 

4.            Cut out the letters “FALL” from desired fabrics and use Fast Grab Tacky Spray to adhere a letter to each jar.

5.            Use twine to tie a bow on each jar.

Don’t forget, this project can be used for any season and any occasion. It’s a fun piece that is simple but eye-catching.

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Published Date

September 22, 2017