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DIY Give Thanks Banner and Frame

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Picture of DIY Give Thanks Banner and Frame

The perfect reminder for what this time of year is all about, this project is sure to have everyone giving thanks. This project is big enough for the whole family to help. What better way to spend your time, than with family creating decoration to make your home more warm and loving.

What you need:

Here’s what you’ll need:

             Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® FabricAdhesive

             Aleene’s®Tacky Spray

             Picture frame

             Assorted fabrics and trim for banner


Now that you have everything, you can get started!

1.            Use Tacky Spray to adhere desired fabric background to frame insert.

2.            Cut out “Thanks” letters and adhere to fabric background. Allow to dry.

3.            Reassemble frame and insert.

4.            Cut out four triangle shapes from desired fabric for banner.

5.            Use Fabric Fusion to adhere triangles to length of trim.  Allow to dry.

6.            Cut out “GIVE” from desired fabrics.

7.            Use Fabric Fusion to adhere one letter to each banner triangle.  Allow to dry.

8.            Drape “GIVE” banner over top of assembled frame so that the words read “Give Thanks”


Keep in mind, this project can be used for a bunch of other events and occasions! It’s perfect for holidays to come, especially Christmas. Instead of “Give thanks,” cut out “Merry Christmas” and switch out your colors.

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Published Date

September 22, 2017