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DIY Glitter Dough Ornament for Christmas

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Picture of DIY Glitter Dough Ornament for Christmas

Is there anything quite so memorable as making your own dough ornaments during Christmas? I don't believe so! This DIY Glitter Dough Ornament is really easy to make for your own enjoyment or as an activity with kids. Just mix one part Aleene's Tacky Glue with two parts baking soda, roll out on a hard surface, and create shapes with cookie cutters. Once dry, you can assemble, paint, and/or add glitter to the ornament. There are so many ways to customize this tutorial to make all your own!

What you need:

Picture of DIY Glitter Dough Ornament for Christmas

  1. In the plastic, mix the baking soda and Aleene's Tacky Glue.

2. Once the mixture forms into dough take it out of the bag and roll it out.

3. Take the house cookie cutter and press it into the dough. This will create the pieces of the house.

4. Grab a glue gun and begin gluing the pieces of the house together.

5. Cut a piece of the wire and create a hook. Glue the hook to the roof of the house.

6. Once the house is glued together, apply tacky glue to the roof of the house. Then sprinkle glitter on top.

Now you have an adorable glitter dough ornament for the tree.

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Published Date

November 20, 2017