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DIY Mermaid Stockings

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Picture of DIY Mermaid Stockings

Swim away with tons of stockings stuffers this Christmas! Abbe of Make Me Crafty  shows us how to make these FIN-Tastic Mermaid Stockings!

What you need:

1. First, cut out a fin stencil then trace it onto the craft foam. Cut out the fin shape from the craft foam.

2. Take the glitter fabric paint and brush it over the entire fin. Use the purple glitter fabric paint to add details to the fin.

3. Now, using Aleene's Fabric Fusion, glue the pieces of purple fabric together. You'll want to glue them inside-out, that way when you turn it right side-out, the edges are folded in. 

4. Use Aleene's Super Fabric Adhesive to glue the fin to the bottom of the stocking. Doing this also closes the bottom of the stocking.

5. Then, glue a looped ribbon to the back of the stocking, so it can be hung.

6. Finally, take white faux fur anf glue it to the top of the stocking for embellishment.

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Abbe is a one-woman craft tutorial machine. Her MakeMeCrafty videos have been viewed by millions of people around the world. When she’s not covered in craft glitter, she’s singing Broadway show tunes or exploring her current home base of Los Angeles.

Published Date

November 30, 2017