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DIY No-Sew Boot Socks

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Picture of DIY No-Sew Boot Socks

What you need:

Aleene's Fabric Fusion
Boot Socks
Lace Ribbon and Optional Buttons for embellishments
Mason Jars and Clothespins

Slip a mason jar inside the sock to keep it stretched while attaching the ribbon.  Cut Ribbon twice the circumference of the top of the sock. Attach the start of the ribbon using Fabric Fusion and hold in place with clothespin.

Fold small portion of ribbon over to create pleat.  Attach with fabric fusion in the pleat in addition to attaching the ribbon to the back of the sock.  Hold in place with clothespin.

Continue to work around the top edge of the sock.

When dry, remove clothespins and pull out jar.  

Attach buttons with Fabric Fusion if desired.

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Published Date

October 20, 2017