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DIY Pallet Planter

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Picture of DIY Pallet Planter

It’s hard to miss all the vertical gardening trends that have been blossoming everywhere lately! And, it’s so easy to become intrigued and obsessed with its beauty from all the natural colors. This pallet project not only is the perfect natural setting for succulents and other plants, but you don’t have to be a carpenter to create it and, it will look good both outdoors and indoors! 

What you need:

Liquid Fusion® Rapid Dry 

(2) 1/2 in. x 4 in. x 6 ft. S4S Oak Board

(1) Hardboard Tempered (Common: 1/8 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft.)


Measuring tape

Sanding block

Vise clamp

Paint color of choice

1.     Cut four 20 inch and two 24 inch pieces of the oak board. 

2.     Cut into a 20”x 24” piece from the hardboard.

3.     Use a small sanding block to smooth out the edges.

4.   Lay the hardboard on a flat work surface placing the 24” sides vertically. 

5.     Apply glue to both 24” sides of hardboard.

6.   Place 20” boards on glue.

7.   Apply glue to ends of 20” boards and place them evenly onto the 24” boards. 

8.   Use clamps to secure them while they dry.
9.   Once dry remove clamps and paint as desired. Let dry


10.     Add your own plants as desired. Both real and imitation plants work well. 

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