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Easy Popsicle Stick Art

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Picture of Easy Popsicle Stick Art

What is is about wooden popsicle sticks that makes everyone want to craft up something fun? But hold on to holiday ornaments my friends, this is a project you will want to hang on your wall year round! Using regular pantry-grade food coloring and Aleene's glue, we can make a sophisticated art piece that is as easy as it is impressive. It feels summery. It feels coastal. It feels AWESOME. Want to make one? Come on now!  

What you need:

20” square canvas
200+ wooden popsicle sticks (you'll need more than you would think!)
Food coloring
Glass jars

Mix 20 drops of food coloring with two cups of water. Repeat in five different jars to make 5 different shades of similar-ish colors. Here we made separate dye baths for kelly green, lime green, turquoise, aqua, and teal, but the possibilities are endless!

Soak the sticks in the food coloring for one hour, flipping or removing half way through. 

Color intensity will vary depending on the water/ food coloring ratio. Experimenting and blending colors is a good thing! You may even want to double dip some sticks to get more color varieties. 

Squeeze an extra heavy line of Tacky Glue along the bottom of the canvas. 

Add sticks in an uneven line. 

Add a second round of Tacky Glue and add more sticks, staggering slightly. 

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Dry overnight, and don’t forget the sides. 

Shazam! The more variations in color, the more elegant the final results. 

Hang, enjoy, and wait for your friends to be impressed!

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Published Date

May 31, 2016