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Framed Artwork Home Craft with Tacky Dots

You don’t have to pay gallery prices to showcase your favorite works of art! LuLuMake will teach you how to turn discount store floating frames into a creative display with Aleene’s Instant Tacky Adhesive Dots. This home craft is a fun, affordable way to decorate your child’s room or playroom with their artwork, and can be modified to frame and display your own work too! 

Step 1

Supplies for artwork display home craft

This easy home craft focuses on creating a display for children’s artwork, but you can absolutely modify it for your own artwork or crafting other interesting displays. A discount store is a great place to snag frames for super affordable prices!

Step 2

Disassemble frames and clean glass

First disassemble the frames and clean the glass from any stickers, dust and prints.

Step 3

Trim any art that’s too large for the frame

If the artwork is too large for the frame, mark and trim it down to size.

Step 4

Peel top liner away from Tacky Dot

Once you have the artwork ready to frame, it’s time to get out the Tacky Adhesive Dots! First peel the top liner away from the dot.

Step 5

Continue adding Tacky Dots

Next press the Tacky Dot exposed side down onto the back of the artwork and remove the remaining liner. Repeat the process in several places on the back of the art. You don’t need too many Tacky Dots since they offer great holding power!

Step 6

Press art glue dot side down onto panel

You’re almost finished with this home craft! After you’ve added as many Tacky Dots as you need to the back of each piece of art, press glue dot side down onto the back panel of the frame.

Step 7

Reassemble frames with artwork

Next press the top panel on top of the bottom panel, sandwiching the art in between. Reassemble the frame and your artwork is ready to hang!

Step 8

No dry time needed

No drying time needed with Instant Tacky Dots! Such an easy, affordable and creative way to display children’s art, your art or other beautifulandr interesting items like pressed flowers, quote art and more.

Step 9

Inspire your kids to keep creating!

Displaying their artwork will help inspire your little ones to keep creating! What other home crafts are you making with Aleene’s Instant Tacky Dots? Tag your creations @aleenesdiy and share them with us!