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Gem-Embellished Bridal Face Masks with Liquid Fusion

If you’re masking up when it’s time to walk down the aisle, do it in sparkling style with Liquid Fusion! This performance adhesive provides powerhouse strength that’s still gentle enough to use on gems and delicate wedding fabrics like silk. LuLuMake will help you say “I do” to a bridal mask with a little extra glam on your big day!

What you need:

Liquid Fusion Performance Adhesive

- Face masks – silk or other material

- Gems 

- Glitter ribbon

- Scissors

- Craft tweezers

- Small paintbrush

- Disposable plastic cup

- Paper & pencil (optional)

Step 1

Mask embellishing supplies

If you aren’t exactly sure what kind of designs you want to create with your embellishments, LuLuMake recommends sketching them out on a piece of scratch paper first! You can even practice arranging the gems on your work surface to get a good visual and see if you like it first before committing with glue.

Step 2

Brush a thin layer of glue onto back of gem

Less is more when it comes to working with Liquid Fusion, especially when you’re also adhering items to delicate fabrics. Don’t worry, we promise the glue will still work amazingly in thinner layers! LuLuMake squeezed some Liquid Fusion into a plastic cup and used a small paintbrush to brush an even layer of glue on the backside of each small gem.

Step 3

Use craft tweezers to help place gems on mask

Working one at a time, brush Liquid Fusion onto the back of each gem, then press in place on your mask. Tip: Craft tweezers are a great way to help hold and precisely place small gems on your mask. 

Step 4

Use ribbon to cover any mistakes

If you do end up making a mistake, you can always cover it with fun glitter ribbon! Simply cut the ribbon in a shape you like and add glue to the back side, then press in place over the area. Even if you don’t make a mistake, you can still incorporate ribbon into your design!

Step 5

Let mask dry flat

Once you’re happy with your designs, let the masks dry flat for the time recommended on the glue label. 

Step 6

Gem-embellished bridal mask

Now you’re ready to shine on your wedding day!

Step 7

Liquid Fusion & Bridal Face Masks

What other gem-embellished creations are you making with Liquid Fusion? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share what you’re creating with us!