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Glittered PomPom Pinecone Ornaments

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Looking for an easy-yet-impressive, fun, fast, kid-friendly craft you can make in bulk? One that is perfect for a party or classroom? One that looks good on a Christmas tree or just grouped together as a wintertime centerpiece? 
Look no further, my friend. Glittered pompom pinecones are the answer!


Want to make some at home? 
Yeah, you do!


Tacky Glue (I like the Turbo Tacky Glue because it dries 50% faster, but original Tacky Glue will work great too)
Foam applicator or small flat-sided sponge
Use the edge of your sponge to apply glue the edges of the pinecone, then sprinkle with glitter. You may want to do this inside a cardboard tray, or a piece of paper that can be used to funnel the excess glitter back in the bottle. 
After the glitter is on, use the precision tip of the Tacky Glue bottle to add a small dot of glue just inside the tips, then poke  the pompoms inside (most pinecones will hold the pompom just fine until it dries). 
Stand back and admire your work. Ooolala!
If you are using these on an artificial Christmas tree, you don't need to add a hanger -- one of those wired branches will fit nicely between the ridges of the pinecone and hold on just great. Easy on - easy off. If you want to add hangers, I suggest a brightly colored thread or clear fishing line. 
Is your tree more monotone this year? Don't worry about pompoms. Glittered pinecones look great all on their own.
Merry Christmas!



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Published Date

January 15, 2015