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Glittered Wine Glasses

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Picture of Glittered Wine Glasses

Looking to add a festive touch to a special occasion? Bring on the glittered stemware! Most thrift and dollar stores carry inexpensive wine glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes - pair with Tacky Glue and your favorite glitter for unforgettable entertaining accessories your guests will be sure to love! 



What you need:

Tacky Glue
Glasses (make sure they are CLEAN)
Painter's Tape
Foam Brush

Tape off the bowl of the glass, pressing firmly to close off any bubbles. 

Use the foam brush to apply a liberal coating of Tacky Glue, avoiding lumps and drips.  

Pour glitter over the glue. 

Shake off excess glitter and allow to dry thoroughly. 

Optional: To make the wine glasses waterproof, seal with a coating of diluted Tacky Glue (50% glue, 50% water). Dry overnight. 

Remove tape gently. 

Tada! Stand back and admire your work!

Prepare yourself for complements: these glittered wine glasses will impress the pants off your party guests!

These glittered glasses are a terrific idea for holidays, birthdays, bridal showers, and more. Do each glass in a different color to help guests remember which glass belongs to them, or match them to your home decor. Glittered wine glasses are a classic! 

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Published Date

October 17, 2016