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How to Glue Clay to Ceramic: DIY Ring Dishes

Ring dishes are so functional! Of course you can use them for storing jewelry like rings, earrings, and pins; but they’re also great for holding other items like loose change and keys. Throw in a cute design, and they make fun decorations too! In this tutorial, Mikyla Creates shows you how to glue clay to ceramic to make your own custom ring dishes with Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive.

What you need:

Aleene’s The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive

- White oven-bake clay

- Plain white ring dishes

- Spray paint in desired colors 

- Craft knife

- Rolling pin

- Ruler

- Design patterns (optional)

Step 1

DIY ring dish supplies

The great thing about working with oven-bake clay is that you can make your very own custom designs for your ring dishes! Mikyla chose to make mountains, a cactus, a rainbow, a monstera leaf, and a cloud for her designs. You can do the same or get creative with other figures that suit your style! 

Step 2

Create rainbow

Depending on the shape of your designs, you might first want to roll out some clay so it is nice and flat, or take a chunk and roll it into a ball or tube. To make a rainbow, roll out some clay into a long tube, then use your craft knife to cut into sections. Form one into an arch, then add at least two more arch shapes underneath. Cut off the ends for a nice, even edge.

Step 3

Create cactus

For a cactus design, roll some clay into an elongated cone or cylinder shape. Create two additional cylinder shapes and curve them upward to form the arms of the cactus, then score the sides with your craft knife and attach and smooth the arms to the main body.

Step 4

Create monstera leaf design

To make a clay monstera leaf, roll out a section of clay, then you can freehand cut out the shape with a craft knife, or you can use a printed template. If using a template, simply print it and cut it out, then place on your clay and cut around it, using your template as a guide. Repeat this process for the cloud design, or any other design you choose!

Step 5

Create clay mountains

To create your very own little mountain range, form three little cones in different sizes and flatten the bottom edge of each so they will sit flush with the ring dish when glued on.

Step 6

Bake clay designs

Once you have all of your ring dish shapes done, it’s time to bake them! Follow the instructions on your clay packaging to bake, then allow to cool.

Step 7

Spray paint designs

After your designs have baked and cooled, spray paint them in your favorite colors! Let completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 8

Glue clay designs to ring dish bases

The last thing that needs to be done to finish your custom ring dishes is – you guessed it – glue your clay designs onto the ceramic bases! The Ultimate works on a variety of surfaces with that industrial-strength muscle, so it’s perfect for projects that require gluing different materials together. Add a thin coat of glue to the bottom of each clay design, let set about 2 minutes, then press firmly in place on your ring dish base. Let cure completely before using your dishes.

Step 9

How to glue clay to ceramic

We just love how these ring dishes turned out! And with all of these fabulous new dishes, we guess we’ll just HAVE to get some more jewelry, right?!

Step 10

Custom DIY ring dishes

Now that you know how to glue clay to ceramic, what custom ring dishes and other crafts will you make with The Ultimate Multi-Surface Adhesive? Make sure to tag us on social using #aleenesdiy and let us know!