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How to Glue Flowers to Ribbon : Simple Flower Crown

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Picture of How to Glue Flowers to Ribbon : Simple Flower Crown

Boho is all the rage right now so today I will show you how to make your very own Flower Crown! The best part is you can choose any flowers that suit your soul! Who's ready to get started!!!

Step 1: Cut a long piece of ribbon. You can wrap the piece around your head to make sure the ribbon is long enough. Keep in mind it's best to leave it long and trim it in the end!

Time to get out our Fabric Fusion. 

Product Benefits:

  •        An easy alternative to a needle and thread.
  •        Great for costumes, clothing, fabric décor and more.
  •        Dries clear.
  •        Easy cleanup with water when wet.

Step 2: Apply a generous amount of Fabric Fusion to the middle portion of your ribbon. 

Step 3: Pull off one of the flower buds from the stem and cut the piece that is in the middle until it's flat. FYI: Don't cut too short because your petals will come apart. We don't want that! HAHA

Step 4: Gently place your flower directly on top of the glue. Make sure you put enough glue down! 

Continue adding the flowers along most of the ribbon. The flowers can go completely around your head or just along the front! 

Don't forget to add a few pieces of greenery to break up the pink. I applied these with Fabric Fusion as well. 

Step 5: Add Fashion Glitter Bond to the inside of your flower. 

Step 6: While your bond is still wet, sprinkle Tulip Fashion Glitter directly on top of it. 

How gorgeous!!!! I can't express how excited I am to wear this baby!

The best part about this crown is how easy it is to take it on and off! Simply tie the ribbon around the head and VOILA! You can let it hang or tie it into a bow! The possibilities are endless!


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Published Date

January 26, 2016