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How to Make a Glitter Tumbler with the Tack-It Method

Do you love sipping your favorite beverages with a side of sparkle? Do you think coffee tastes better wrapped in glittery goodness? So do we! If you haven’t learned how to make a glitter tumbler with the Tack-It Method yet, today is your lucky day. The amazingly tacky texture of Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over makes the process of adding mega sparkle to your tumbler projects extra easy. Read on to get the basics and see a few different options for glitter tumblers you can make using the Tack-It Method. 

What you need:

Aleene’s Tack-It Over & Over

- Tumbler

- Glitter 

- Plastic cup/stir stick

- Paintbrush

Step 1:

Glitter Tumbler Supplies

Making your own glitter tumblers requires a few extra tools, but for the purpose of this post, we’re going to focus on the Tack-It Method specifically. So gather your Tack-It Over & Over and read on!

Step 2:

Mix a 1:1 ratio of Tack-It Over and water

The reason we named this glue “Tack-It Over & Over” is because it dries with an amazingly tacky texture. Why is this a good thing when making glitter tumblers? Because that ultra-tacky texture helps grab and hold loads of glitter! Yay for extra sparkle! So first you’ll want to mix a 1:1 ratio of Tack-It Over & Over with water in a plastic cup. Once you have it nice and mixed, brush a smooth, even coat of this mixture onto your tumbler and let it dry.

Step 3:

Sprinkle and smooth glitter

Once you have a nice, tacky surface on your tumbler, it’s time to sprinkle on all of that glittery goodness! After sprinkling on your glitter, use your fingers to press and smooth the glitter over your tumbler. The tacky surface will “absorb” the glitter, creating a smooth, sparkling finish that you can then seal with epoxy. Easy, less mess, and MORE GLITTER! 

Step 4:

Tack-It Method Glitter Tumbler

If glitter is all you’re after, once you’ve applied the epoxy and allowed it to cure, your new glitter tumbler is ready to serve up your favorite beverages.

Step 5:

Tack-It Method Glitter Dots Tumbler

Looking to do something a little bit different with your glitter tumbler? Like glitter polka dots?! We have a tutorial for that too. See how you can get perfect glitter dots on your tumbler using the Tack-It Method and Aleene’s Instant Tacky Glue Dots here in this post.

Step 6:

Tack-It Method Fall Glitter Tumbler

Yes, you can even add decals to your glitter tumbler! Just a few extra easy steps you can find in this Fall Glitter Tumbler tutorial. What glitter tumblers are you making using the Tack-It Method? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us! Cheers to letting your creativity shine!