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How To Make a Paper Angel Wing Begonia

There are those of us who can grow anything, and then there are the rest of us. Not to worry! Pink and Poseywill show you how to make an angel wing begonia using crepe paper and Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue for a plant that stays stunning all year long – no watering required!

What you need:

Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue

Tulip Dimensional Paint – White 

- Heavy crepe paper – 180g or 140g

- Scissors 

- 24-gauge floral wire

- Light green floral tape

- PanPastel, 340.1 Permanent Red Extra Dark

- Makeup sponge

Step 1

Cut a strip of crepe paper

Begin by cutting a 2.5” x 5” strip from the crepe paper. The wrinkly lines (the grain) should run across the shorter length, like a party streamer. 

Step 2

Fold strip into thirds and cut

Fold the strip into thirds widthwise, then cut the folds to make three rectangles.

Step 3

Cut rectangle diagonally

To make the leaves, cut a rectangle diagonally, corner to corner.

Step 4

Flip one half over and add glue to edge

Then flip one half over and align with the other along the cut edges to make a kite shape. The grains should run downward and away from the center line. Run a line of Clear Gel Tacky along one of the center edges.

Step 5

Press other half in place

Press the other half in place on top of the first, aligning all edges.

Step 6

Open kite shape and trim into leaf shape

Open the kite shape again, with the glued edges facing downward. Crease it so it stays open. Trim the outside of the kite shape to make it leaf shaped by rounding off the edges and cleaning up the pointed tip.

Step 7

Fold wire in half and bend one side

Fold a 24-gauge wire in half and about an inch up from the fold, bend one half of the wire outward at a 90°angle.

Step 8

Glue the wire to underside of leaf

On the underside of the leaf, run a line of Clear Gel Tacky under one side of the flap. Press the wire into the line of glue, with the folded end of the wire at the base of the leaf. If the straight half of the wire extends beyond the tip of the leaf, trim the wire. The wire should sit snug against the middle line of the leaf.

Step 9

Smooth flap down to secure the wire in place

Smooth the flap of paper down, flat against the leaf, to securely hold the wire in place. The 90° wire should be poking out of the flap. Bend it around the flap to make it perpendicular to the leaf. This is the stem.

Step 10

Sponge PanPastel onto leaf

Use the makeup sponge to gently apply PanPastel to both sides of the leaf, particularly the outer edges.

Step 11

Add some highlights with lighter green

You can add some highlights with a lighter green color to the top of the leaf, as well. This looks good on the midline and as an asterisk-shape on top of the stem. 

Step 12

Add paint dots to leaves

Add dots of Tulip Dimensional Paint across the surface of the leaf (look at photos of real angel wing begonias for inspiration). Most have varying small and big dots. You can place the big dots with the tube of paint, and then use a smaller tool like a wire to help place the smaller dots. Repeat this process for creating all leaves, and let dry completely.

Step 13

Join stems with floral tape

Wrap the stems with the light green floral tape, joining the stems together at intervals to create the entire plant. Wrap with more tape closer to where the roots would be to make the stem thicker.

Step 14

Place in planter

Place your new paper angel wing begonia in a planter and it’s ready to add some greenery to your space all year long – no watering needed!

Step 15

Paper Angel Wing Begonia

It’s a pretty crafty way to give your green thumb some practice, don’t you think? Make sure to tag us on your Aleene’s Glue paper creations @aleenesdiy and share with us!