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How To Make a Paper Maché Bowl

Summer is here and most of us are spending more time outdoors, especially in the evenings when those warm summer breezes make everything just a little bit more relaxing. Add some glowing ambiance to your summertime settings with light & airy lace doily candle bowls from Perfectly Destressed – a total “breeze” to create. This easy tutorial shows you how to make a paper maché bowl using Aleene’s Premium Decoupage and just a few supplies for a pretty project you’ll love having on display all season long! 

What you need:

- Aleene’s Premium Decoupage (Gloss or Matte)

- Paper lace doilies

- Latex balloons (one per bowl) 

- Foam brush or craft brush

- Empty can or container to hold balloons

- Twine

- Candles

- Sand or other filler of choice

Step 1

Blow up balloons to desired size of bowls

If you’ve been wondering how to make a paper maché bowl, you’ve come to the right tutorial! You only need a few supplies in addition to your Aleene’s Premium Decoupage for this fun summer project. Start by blowing up your balloon to the size you want your bowl to be. (You’ll be using the rounded end of the balloon.) The size of your doily will also determine the size of your bowl.

Step 2

Brush Decoupage onto balloon

Place your balloon rounded side up into a container to hold it in place, then brush a coat of Decoupage over all portions of the balloon that your doily will rest on.

Step 3

Center doily in place over Decoupage on balloon

While the Decoupage is still wet, center your doily over the top of the balloon and carefully press in place over the Decoupage.

Step 4

Add a layer of Decoupage over the doily

Carefully apply a light coat of Decoupage all over the paper doily. Avoid using thick coats so as not to oversaturate the paper with glue. If it happens to tear, don’t fret, you can gently press it back into place and add a bit more glue. Let your doily completely dry in place on the balloon, and clean up any drips of Decoupage with soap and water.

Step 5

Deflate balloon and reshape bowl if needed

Once dry, it’s time to pop your balloon! As your balloon deflates, you might notice your paper maché bowl stuck to it and deflating as well. Don’t panic! Simply remove the balloon pieces and reshape your bowl. It should easily mold back to the shape it was. Check it to make sure it’s completely dry, and allow to dry a while longer if needed.

Step 6

Tie a bow around bowl

If desired, tie a bow around your bowl to add a little something extra! Perfectly Destressed used twine for a rustic vibe with the delicate look of the doily, but you can use any kind of string or ribbon you prefer!

Step 7

Add filler to bowl

Before adding your candle(s) to the bowl, you’ll want to add filler! This one uses sand for a soft, beachy look to go with the twine bow, but you could use any kind of filler you like. You can try small pebbles, coffee beans – whatever fits your vibe! If you decide not to use any filler, make sure to place a glass dish at the bottom under the candle to collect any wax drippings.

Step 8

Paper Mache Lace Bowl

Light your candles and soak up that warm summer glow for a relaxing evening at home! Now that you know how to make a paper maché bowl with Aleene’s Premium Decoupage, you can make others for table centerpieces, wedding décor and so much more.