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How To Make Flowers Out of Paper

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One of nature's lovliest artistic creations, flowers are a wonderful way to bring the color and beauty of the outdoors inside into your favorite spaces. And while the real deal is always wonderful, lately we've been enjoying adding our own artistic flair using paper. Yes, paper! So if you're wondering how to make flowers out of paper or you've never thought of it before and just stumbled across this post, your imagination is about to bloom with ideas! This colorful tutorial from Schon Paper Design with templates included shows you how to make flowers out of paper in just a few easy steps using Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue.

What you need:

Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue

- 4 sheets of colored paper (pink, light pink, dark blue & light blue shown here)

- Base sheet of paper to glue your arrangement to

- Scissors

- Printed templates (at the end of this post)

Print out templates on colored paper and cut out

Print out your templates on a different color of paper each. Cut out all pieces and get out your Clear Gel Tacky Glue!

Match inner flowers to outer flowers and glue

Make sure to match the correct inner flower with the corresponding outer flower before gluing together. Center the smaller inner flowers on their matching larger outer flowers, then glue in place. Don't forget to add the circular centers to the middles of the small flowers!

Glue matching centers to large and small leaves

Repeat this process for gluing the matching centers to the large and small leaves.

Let pieces dry

Let everything dry before starting on your paper flower collage.

Create flower arrangement and glue to base piece

Determine how you would like your flowers to be arranged with the leaves and other flowers. Once you're happy with your arrangement, glue everything in place on a base piece of paper. Tip from Schon Paper Design: to create added life-like dimension, bend some of the petals and leaves upward and don't glue them down to your base piece.

How To Make Flowers Out of Paper

Now you know how to make flowers out of paper using Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue! You can hang your display anywhere to add a pretty pop of color to your day. Try creating your own variations of paper flowers with other colors, shapes and sizes for a whole garden of creativity!


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