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Pretty Paper Clover Plants DIY

You could spend hours out on the lawn looking for a lucky clover, or you can make your own luck that doubles as a pretty house plant too! These Lucky Clover Plants from Lia Griffith use colored papers and Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue® to create lifelike greenery you'll want to keep around the house long after spring is gone. Grab a bottle of glue and get your creativity blooming with this paper craft that'll look lovely on display in your home or for adding some life to your work space!

What you need:

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

- Text weight paper - green, light pink, pastel yellow

- Brush-tip marker - deep purple

- 24-gauge paper-covered wire

- Floral tape

- Floral foam

- Planters

- Craft scissors

- Cutting machine (optional)

- Curling tool

- Needlenose pliers/wire cutter

Aleene's Pretty Paper Clover Plants DIY

  1. Download the template from Lia Griffith here. Note: There are two sizes of clover leaves so you can create a large or small lucky clover plant.
  2. Use scissors or a cutting machine to cut papers according to the template for clover leaves, flowers and stamens. Cut as many as desired for your plant, cutting two leaves for every "clover leaf" for the front and back of leaf.
  3. Shade the base halves of clover leaves with a deep purple marker.
  4. Flip clover leaves over and apply Tacky Glue to backsides. Place one end of wire in glue. Press a second leaf over wire and base leaf to sandwich wire in between. Repeat for others and let dry.
  5. Gather four wired leaves together and wrap floral tape around wires to hold together.
  6. Arrange leaves into clover and bend wires out. Use a curling tool to gently curl each leaf down.
  7. To create clover flowers, first glue stamen piece around the tip of a wire.
  8. Apply Tacky Glue to the base of the end petal on each flower piece. Wrap flower petals around wired stamen and secure first petal to last petal by pressing into glue.
  9. Use a curling tool to gently curl flower petals down.
  10. Place floral foam into a small pot. Add moss into pot to cover the floral foam.
  11. Push clovers and flowers into floral foam and arrange plant for displaying.

Aleene's Pretty Paper Clover Plants DIY

These paper plants look as pretty as the real deal, and they'll last all year long! Make one for yourself or as a special spring gift for family and friends.