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Tote and Towel Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Handmade gifts are one way to make Christmas extra special for everyone on your list! Adding a personal touch is perfect for creating that holiday magic we all love so much. If you think you’re not crafty enough to make gifts this year, Craft Box Girls will show you that you can totally make it happen! These tote and towel easy DIY Christmas gifts are made with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion, so there’s no sewing needed. Check out the tutorial and get ready to get creative with your gift giving this year!

What you need:

Tote Bag:

- Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

- Tote bag

- Felt – pink, red, white, black, silver glitter 

- Sparkle craft foam

- Sequin strands – red, black

- Scissors

- Santa template

- Pencil

- Sewing pins

- Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint – White Slick

Tea Towel:

- Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

- White cotton tea towel

- Ribbons and trims in coordinating colors

- Pencil

- Scissors

Step 1:

Cut out felt pieces

To start off this easy DIY Christmas gifts tutorial, we’ll begin with the tote! First print out the Santa template from this post and use it to cut out felt pieces in the matching colors (white for the beard, red for the suit, etc.). You can cut apart the template and pin to the felt pieces to help if needed!

Step 2:

Glue felt pieces in place

Arrange your felt pieces on the tote bag, then use Fabric Fusion to glue each piece in place.

Step 3:

Glue strands of sequins in place

Measure and cut strands of matching sequins to outline your Santa suit and gloves – red for the suit and black for the gloves. You can also coil a strand of red sequins and glue in place for the nose!

Step 4:

Glue sequin strands over wording

Use a pencil to lightly sketch “HO HO” or your favorite Santa/Christmas word on the tote. Cut and glue sequin strands over the wording with Fabric Fusion.

Step 5:

Create dimension with white Dimensional Paint

For the final step of this easy DIY Christmas gift, use the Tulip White Slick Dimensional Paint to create fun swirling texture on Santa’s beard. 

Step 6

Santa Tote Bag

Also create white highlights in Santa’s eyes. Let everything dry completely before wrapping up this holly jolly tote bag!

Step 7:

Christmas tea towel supplies

Now for the matching tea towel part of this easy DIY Christmas gift set! Make sure the towel is clean, dry and wrinkle free before getting started.

Step 8:

Glue ribbons in place along bottom edge

On one of the shorter edges of your rectangular towel, measure and cut strands of trim and ribbon to fit along the entire edge. Lay them out along the edge to determine which color order you’d like, then glue each in place with Fabric Fusion. Let dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 9:

Create word with sequins

Once the trim has completely dried, fold the towel as you intend for it to be displayed. (Usually in thirds, then in half vertically). Use a pencil to lightly sketch the word “Joy” or another favorite holiday word onto the front of the towel. Cut a strand of sequins long enough to fit over the word, and glue in place with Fabric Fusion.

Step 10:

Joy Christmas Tea Towel

Allow the towel to dry completely before wrapping up this easy DIY Christmas gift!

Step 11

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Weren’t these easy DIY Christmas gifts SUPER SIMPLE to make? Didn’t they turn out so cute? What no-sew projects are you making this holiday season with Aleene’s? Make sure to tag us on social @aleenesdiy and share with us! 


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