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Watercolor Glue Art on Canvas

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Picture of Watercolor Glue Art on Canvas

Modern art, geometric wall decor, or lettering ... do them all with glue on canvas then paint a watercolor masterpiece! This project is great to do with the kids or to make a gallery wall in home. Honestly, we had a total blast making these. Your kids won't want to stop *wink wink*!! Let's get started ...

What you need:

Draw patterns, designs, and words with Aleene's Tacky Glue. We tried to sketch out the shapes with pencil on one of the canvases and that was a bad idea - the pencil showed through since the glue dries clear. That is, unless you are going for a multi-layered look. Once the glue is applied, allow to dry. We let ours sit overnight since it was a humid day.

Use watercolors to add color the glue designs.

Use water to spread the paint around and blend colors to create variegated effects.

Optional: Coat the canvas with a layer of thick gesso and let dry before apply the Aleene's Tacky Glue. The paint won't soak into the gesso so it will pool at the edges of the glue, making a darker outline on those areas. I did this on the palm leaf canvas on the right in this photo.

Here you can see how to paint pools on the canvases. Allow the paint to dry completely before displaying.

My son displayed his canvas in his room with some of his favorite toys and trinkets. We're thinking about making a collage wall with a bunch of these paintings! Where would you display your watercolor glue resist canvas art?

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Published Date

January 13, 2017