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Yarn and Cardboard Butterfly Craft

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Picture of Yarn and Cardboard Butterfly Craft

Now that the sun is shining longer and the weather is warming up, gather the kiddos and celebrate with spring crafts that'll help them spread their creative wings! Made with simple supplies like cardboard, yarn and nontoxic Tacky Glue, this adorable butterfly project is easy to make and perfect for group activities or one-on-one art time with your little one. Once complete, hang it in the window or keep it as a cute little critter for play time! 

What you need:

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

- Cardboard

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Acrylic paint - color of choice

- Paintbrush

- Yarn - color of choice

- Pompoms

- Googly eyes

- Chenille stem (for attennae)

- Optional: butterfly shape for tracing

Aleene's Butterfly Craft - cut out from cardboard and paint

Use a pencil to draw or trace a butterfly shape onto a piece of cardboard. Cut it out, then paint with desired color of acrylic paint on both sides. Let dry completely.

Aleene's Butterfly Craft - glue end of yarn in place

Once paint has dried, add a dot of glue to the backside of butterfly shape and press end of yarn into it. Let it dry before proceeding so that the end of the yarn is held in place while you wrap it around the butterfly.

Aleene's Butterfly Craft - wrap yarn around butterfly

Wrap the yarn around the butterfly, crisscrossing it in all directions for interesting effects.

Aleene's Butterfly Craft - glue remaining end

Once you're happy with how much yarn is wrapped around the butterfly, cut the yarn and glue the end to the backside of the butterfly. Let it dry.

Aleene's Butterfly Craft - glue on pompoms for body

Bend chenille stem into a V shape then twirl ends to create the antennae. Glue in place at the top center of butterfly where wings meet. Glue a pompom over the top of antennae for head, then a row of pompoms down the center of wings for body. Let dry.

Aleene's Butterfly Craft - glue on googly eyes

Glue googly eyes and a mini pompom on pompom for head to create the butterfly's face. Add any other pompoms or embellishments to butterfly as desired!

Aleene's Butterfly Craft

This butterfly is ready to spread its wings for some fun!

Published Date

April 18, 2019