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Christmas Music Candle Votives

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Picture of Christmas Music Candle Votives

Sometimes you want a holiday craft that requires zero fuss or artistic skills. Something simple, inexpensive, and custom. Something you can't buy in a store. Something the neighbors will notice. Well folks: This is it! Using your everyday inkjet printer and some tacky glue, you can turn your favorite holidays jams and turn them into lyrical Christmas decor you can slide on (or off) your mood lighting all winter long!

What you need:

-Glass containers with straight sides. 
-Tacky Glue
-Regular copy paper printed with holiday lyrics (make your own or use the ones here)
-Votive candle


Lay the glass container on its side cut strips of the lyric sheets to match the height of the glass. Depending on the size of your container, you may need to pieces to wrap all the way around, or print the lyrics on extra large paper. 

Draw a small dotted line of Tacky Glue on the small end of the paper. 

Wrap the paper around the glass and press them together, glue side down. The Tacky glue is strong enough to adhere immediately - let it dry thoroughly. 

Optional: Wrap a piece of festive twine or ribbon around to add a special touch. 

Or not. They look pretty awesome and modern as is.

They even look good just like this. No candle inside or anything!

The light shining from within is what gives the words that special glow. 

Pro Tip: Use the smallest and shortest candle you can find. The words will illuminate from the flame upwards - if you use a tall candle, you'll miss half the magic. 

Happy Holidays!

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Published Date

November 14, 2016