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DIY Halloween Slime Jars

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Picture of DIY Halloween Slime Jars

Could there be a more frighteningly fun craft for Halloween than slime?! Ghosts and goblins beware, give your Halloween slime extra spooky flair with a customized jar decorated like your favorite Fright Night character. We used felt and Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue to create a witch slime jar and a black cat slime jar, but you can modify this easy craft for any character that creeps you out!

What you need:

Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue 4 oz.

Tulip Dimensional Paint Pack - Slick

- Small mason jars

- Assorted felt colors

- Pink pompom for cat nose

- Orange and black chenille stems

- Googly eyes

- Black glitter

- Green and black food coloring

- Baking soda

- Contact lens solution

- Small bowl for mixing

- Measuring spoons

- Scissors

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

To make witch slime, pour the entire 4-oz. bottle of Clear Gel Tacky Glue into a bowl and add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and green food coloring, and mix. 

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

Add in 1 tablespoon of contact lens solution and mix until slime starts to form. Remove from bowl and knead until slime is no longer sticky. Set aside so you can make your Witch Slime Jar.

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

Cut a triangle from black felt and add a line of Clear Gel along one edge of triangle. Starting from the other edge, roll into a cone shape until you reach the other edge with glue. Press into glue and let dry.

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

Cut a circle of felt wider than the cone, then add glue around bottom of cone and glue on top of the circle to create witch's hat.

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

Cut a length of felt to wrap around hat and glue in place.

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

Glue orange chenille stems around jar lid to create hair. Cut a triangle from green felt to create nose, then pinch to create dimension and glue to front of jar.

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

Glue googly eyes in place above nose, then use green dimensional paint to create warts on front of jar (face) and nose. Let dry completely.

Aleene's Witch Slime Jar

Glue hat to top of jar lid and let dry.

Aleene's Black Cat Slime Jar

For the black cat slime, mix using the same formula mentioned above, using black food coloring instead of green. Set aside while you make your jar.

Aleene's Black Cat Slime Jar

Cut out cat face shape and tail shape from black felt. Cut out a strip of orange felt to fit around jar and cut eye shapes and details from felt. Glue in place on front of face.

Aleene's Black Cat Slime Jar

Glue orange strip around jar.

Aleene's Black Cat Slime Jar

Glue pink pompom on face for nose. Use dimensional paint to add mouth and whisker details to cat face. Let dry. Once dry, glue face to front of jar and tail to back side.

Aleene's Black Cat Slime Jar

Add slime to jars and seal with lids when not in use.

Aleene's Halloween Slime Jars

These Halloween slime jars are ready for some creepy cool fun!

Published Date

September 05, 2019

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Aleene's Halloween Slime Jars